In today’s living and working environment most of us have lost the connection to our senses. However, our sensory perception is essential for a deeper feeling of happiness. Heidi*s Sensory Travels will awaken your senses, reconnecting you with a world full of richness and wonders.

We tailor make holiday experiences that will educate and guide you towards awakening your senses. All the holiday designs we create are bespoke. We tailor the experiences to suit your personal needs. Simply choose a destination from our offered three regions and then get in touch with us to discuss your sensory holiday experiences. 

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Heidi*s service is available in three regions of Europe. Lake Constance Bregenzerwald in western Austria, Engadin St. Moritz in Switzerland and Tuscany in Italy. 

Sensory Experiences

We create Sensory Experiences that awaken and reinvigorate your senses. By addressing your senses in a playful, unfamiliar way, you will feel wonderfully alive and vibrant. Think of the experiences as flexible, bespoke modules. They are based on three pillars: Senses Experiences in Nature, Tasting – Smelling Experiences, Community Experiences in the respective regions. Heidi*s Mission is: „I’ll take you with me on a journey of sensory experiences“. Additionally, our network of accommodation-partner and holiday services give us the confidence to be able to create all-round bespoke vacations. 

Sensory Experiences in Lake Constance Bregenzerwald Region

Bregenzerwald, near Lake Constance in western Austria, is a cultivated mountainous landscape packed full of tradition and at the same time innovative spirit, craftsmanship, culture, and smooth alpine beauty.

Calming Moorland

Early in the morning, when daylight first breaks, walking in the moorland of Bregenzerwald will open your senses to the magic of nature.

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Sensory Cooking

Heidi*s Awaken your Senses Cooking Course is a special method of preparing food. It focuses on the process of smelling, touching, tasting.

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Sensory Experiences in Engadin St. Moritz Region

The Swiss valley Engadin is known for its pristine nature and epic scale, for its forests, mountains, alpine lakes. The special light of Engadin isn’t just an advertising slogan, it is truly amazing. I wouldn’t have believed it either, before having seen it by myself. 

Sensory Experiences in Tuscany Region

The romance of Tuscany is unrevealed and so too is the beauty of its landscapes, people and regional food and wines.


Heidi*s service is available in three regions of Europe. Lake Constance Bregenzerwald, in western Austria, Engadin St. Moritz in Switzerland and Tuscany in Italy. 


Our network of accommodation partner isn’t determined by star categories or other formal criteria. Our criteria for the following recommendations are our shared values. All listed hosts are familiar with Heidi, founder of Heidi*s Sensory Travels.  

Boutique Hotels

Heidi*s Sensory Travels cultivates an open cooperation with handpicked hosts. Curious about our accommodation types in Lake Constance – Bregenzerwald region?

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Vineyard Suites

I recommend two types of residences to immerse into Tuscan life: Restored Tuscan farmhouses in a vineyard or owner led boutique hotels.

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We are focusing on creating and realizing tailor-made vacation experiences along the topic “Awaken your Senses” for individual holiday travelers such as couples, max. three friendly couples, and solo travelers. Our holiday guests keep the maximum flexibility and transparency by choosing and booking their flight, transfer, partner-accommodations, and Heidi*s Service, directly. Everything runs honestly, transparently, without much effort.

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I am Heidi. I live in Austria’s very west, neighbouring Switzerland, Germany and the principality of Liechtenstein. Why do I engage in sensory experiences?

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Service Design

We design vacation experiences along the topic “Awaken your Senses” for a couple, two or three friendly couples, for solo travelers.

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