Immerse in Local Life

Gaining insight in other ways of living will change your perception of your own life. Exchanging with locals means diving into their culture.

In Bregenzerwald region you have the possibility to watch and talk to craftsmen, traditional and non-traditional personalities. Heidi*s Design Service is curating gatherings with local people according to customers special interest. These gatherings aren’t touristic gatherings – the personalities are in the circle of acquaintances of Heidi*s.

Calming Moorland

Early in the morning, when daylight first breaks, walking in the moorland of Bregenzerwald will open your senses to the magic of nature.

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Sensory Tasting

Be it an alp cheese tasting or a visit in one of Heidi*s recommended restaurants, take your time to train your nose, tongue and eyes.

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Sensory Cooking

Heidi*s awaken your senses cooking course is a special method of preparing food. It focuses on the process of cooking while engaging the senses.

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