Private Observatory

Some experiences shift our thought patterns. Being guest at the private observatory of Paul is such a shifting experience.

Paul lives in the village of Krumbach in Bregenzerwald, Western Austria. Here upon a hill, next to his residental house, he has bulit a private observatory. Not the kind of ready-made garden hut you might think of. He has built the observatory in cooperation with a local architect, featuring a gable roof on wheels. Far from the light pollution of the big cities, one can view the Milky Way with the naked eye.

My night-time visit at Paul’s private observatory impressed me more than words can say. Can you imagine how it feels standing in a wooden structure with the roof open, looking through a large telescope in our universe? Detecting cluster of stars and gas masses, seeing the Andromeda Galaxy, which is 2,5 million of light years away from us? Looking through such a telescope triggers a totally different feeling than seeing celestial bodies on pictures. This real-life experience makes one feel humble and awestruck.

My curated experiences aren’t designed for people to come and see, I want them to come and feel – with all their senses. That’s what Heidi*s custom-tailored experiences are about.

Paul offers a night under stars experience, exclusively for guests of Heidi*s.

Calming Moorland

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