Private Observatory

Some experiences shift our thought patterns. Being guest at the private observatory of Paul is one of these experiences.

High upon a hill top in Bregenzerwald, this contemporary timber observatory can wheel back its roof to unveil the night sky.  Far from the light pollution of the big cities, you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye. Imagine the joys of seeing our universe with the naked eye? Looking through a telescope triggers a totally different feeling than seeing celestial bodies in pictures. This real-life experience makes one feel humbled and awestruck.

Calming Moorland

Early in the morning, when daylight first breaks, walking in the moorland of Bregenzerwald will open your senses to the magic of nature.

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Sensory Cooking

Heidi*s Awaken your Senses Cooking Course is a special method of preparing food. It focuses on the process of smelling, touching, tasting.

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