Winter Specials

Winter hiking in the glittering landscape, away from tourism industry, is a magical experience. Just follow the rules of Silent Walking.

Undertaking a Silent Walk, means, your mind will calm down and your senses will awaken. Your nose will be able to enjoy the fresh air, your eyes will be overwhelmed by the structures of the snow crystals and the winter landscape. You just have to agree with your companion on quietness. That needs some exercise, because we are all used to talk during a hiking tour. Try to focus on your surrounding by picking up a detail and stick to it for some seconds. Then change to another detail in nature. You will be surprised how refreshed you will feel after that kind of walk.

Forest Bathing

Smell the freshness of the air in a forest. Listen to the different bird’s voices and the breeze rustling in the leaves of the trees.

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Sensual Cooking

Heidi*s awaken your senses cooking course is a special method of preparing, cooking food. It focuses on the process of cooking, on engaging the senses.

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Sensory Wine Tasting

Heidi*s concept of wine tasting is different to common wine tastings. There is no knowledge about wines needed, it is about sensory experiences with wines.

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