Alpine Lodging

Heidi*s accommodations partners in Engadin St. Moritz region are covering modern apartments like those of family Plattner, as well as family-led hotels like Waldhaus Sils.

Alpine Lodging

Family Plattner offers ten Alpine Lodges in the village of Pontresina, all of them reflecting the Engadin in its authentic form. During my stay there I was overwhelmed by the wonderful olfaction of the Swiss stone pine arising from the interior fittings. A miracle by itself is the specific Engadin light that floods the apartment in the late afternoon.   

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Waldhaus Sils

The Waldhaus is purely a family affair, very rare for a hotel of this kind and size. Meeting Felix and Patrick Dietrich, I was surprised about their openness regarding new ideas and about their heartiness. Guests will discover the Waldhaus family values in little details – like the family’s lunch time table amongst the guests tables.

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Maura Wasescha AG

Maura Wasescha offers a selection of the most magnificent houses and villas in the Engadin to rent. Plus, a one-to-one service for the wellbeing of her clients during their stay. Maura is an absolutely impressing entrepreneur and maker-woman.

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Hotel Castell

Those who love diving into art and architecture will feel good at the hotel of Irene and Martin in Zuoz. James Turell’s Sky Space in the hotel’s neighbourhood is a wonderful entry in all the sensory experiences the region offers.

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