Local Life Immersion

Immersing in local life is one of three pillars of how to awaken your senses. Tuscany’s living culture is a world on its own.

With attentive watching, listening, and interacting with locals we can provide you with insights into their aesthetics, values, and way of life. Open your mind, gain new perspectives, and give yourself greater freedom in thinking and living. Our network of locals in this region makes it possible.

Attentive watching, listening and interacting with locals will provide you insights in their aesthetics, values, their way of life. It opens our minds, show us new perspectives, give us freedom in thinking and living. Tuscany has always been one of my favourite regions. I guess it’s because of the suspense between rural, cultural, historic, aestethic values. This suspense has coined their lifestyle. I love their exhibited joy in life – whenever and however they express it.