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awake your senses

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Vorarlberg, Western Austria
and in selected regions of Switzerland and Italy

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nature watching

Bregenz festival

local craftsmanship

Be part of regional life

Experience high-calibre culture amongst magnificent natural scenery. Villages along the way, each of them with an identity of their own, will pique your curiosity. Sense the quality of a simple way of good life. Heidi leads you to places displaying unique architecture and culture. You are invited to travel mindfully, to meet the locals and to savour the regional cuisine. Be surprised by the hospitality in Heidi’s chosen hotels and restaurants, by the high quality of the regional food, the way of life and the region’s cultural offerings.

# Be part of regional life: 3-7 days, overnight stay in Heidi*s recommended hotels.


Christmas market Dornbirn


mindfulness travelling

Be connected with nature

Leave the trodden forest path. Walk amongst falling autumn leaves. Listen to the leaves crackle sound you create by walking on the forest soil. Experience nature in a way you haven’t done before: Enjoy a guided discovery tour of moors at sunrise and feel the moist and soft moss under your bare feet. Have a picnic in a forest, on an open meadow or on a lofty plain. Or swap your feather bed at the hotel with a cosy sleeping bag in a tent high up in the mountains for one night.

# Be connected with nature: 3 -5 days, accommodations according to the individual tour.


Region and lake

nature of the Alps

dining in moorlands

awake your senses cooking class

Reinvigorate your sense of taste

Smell the myriad scents of mountains, forests and meadows. Prepare for the rich aromas of the regional cooking in Heidi’s favourite restaurants, rustic inns and genuine places. Reinvigorate your sense of taste with new aromas and flavours. Heidi guides you to regional restaurants and leads the way to mindful eating and tasting. Smell, savour and see the high-quality ingredients and spices used for cooking regional specialties and enjoy a conversation with your hosts and cook. Why not taste some wines or stroll through the local farmers markets? Let Heidi introduce you to a special kind of cooking that will awaken your senses.

# Reinvigorate your sense of taste: 2-3 days, inclusive Heidi*s ‘awake your senses’ cooking class

celebrate your senses

authentic culinary experiences

Gondola Bezau

Feel the power of mountains

Inhale the region as you walk through the high mountains air, accompanied by the tinkle of cow bells. Touch a tree trunk on your forest walk. Let blades of grass tickle your palm, touch flowery meadows. Align your bearings with your natural surroundings. Enjoy a walk between towering mountains without haste nor ambition, and experience a mindfulness which lets you forget the daily grind. Feel a sense of freedom again.

# Feel the power of mountains: 3-7 days, short high altitude walking tours with Heidi or easy hiking tours with an experienced guide. Type of accommodation depends on the chosen tours.

Marina Nordwesthaus

Lake of Constance

Sensing regions – country hopping

Heidi works with handpicked accomdations partners not only in the region of Lake Constance-Arlberg, but as well in the region of Engadin in Switzerland and in Tuscany in Italy. She knows the few partners in each region personally. They are working with a very similar idea of sensory orientation and hospitality.
So guests can book Heidi*s Sensory Tours in one single region or put the region modules together to a triangle trip.

# Sensory regions – country hopping: 21+ days itineraries, accommodation in boutique hotels, apartments or villas.

Skiing in Vorarlberg

meet locals

intact nature

All tours can be combined, mixed according to your preferences and your specified period. Heidi will suggest an individual tour as soon as she gets more information from you. Find examples of sensory experiences on Instagram heidis_sensorytravels

The story of Heidi

The story of Heidi

I am Heidi. I live in Austria’s very west, neighbouring Switzerland, Germany and the principality of Liechtenstein. Since 2000 I have been working as a communication expert, specializing in exploring brand identities and making them tangible. More and more I have become aware, if I want to do what I do at a level of excellence, I will have to use my senses too.

Working in the business world I’ve recognized something else … There are a lot of people who have been ‘cut off’ from their senses. As a consequence they feel emptiness, instead of energy and joy. Receptive and awakened senses are necessary for being able to feel genuine joy in life.

So, if you want to deepen your feeling of being alive, develop awareness and consciousness, be touched by a landscape, a smell, a taste, then come to the high-quality region of Western Austria. Enjoy a travel service offering the highest level of personalisation – simply having a friend at your side. Awake your senses for a more sensory way of living.

How does it work

How does Heidi*s Travel Service work?

  • Each holiday itinerary is tailor made, designed for the estimated guests. The experiences are based on Heidi*s knowledge and concept of how to awaken the senses, her contacts to local specialists and her inside perspectives. You define your favoured itinerary, Heidi suggests activities and sensory experiences in nature, sensory experiences by tasting or preparing food, by diving into culture and way of life of the respective region. Hotels and restaurants, consistent with the “awaken your senses concept”, are recommended by her as well. Heidi knows all the partners in person.


  • The Sensory Travel concept is ideal to the following target groups: one couple, two friendly couples or single travellers, having the desire to spend a joyful time by rediscovering a way of happiness.


  • The curated tours take place in the high-quality living space between Lake Constance and Arlberg mountains, called Vorarlberg (Austria). The modules “Region of Engadin (Switzerland)” and “Tuscany (Italy)” can be booked additionally. In these regions Heidi cooperates with a handful of selected partners who share Heidi*s idea. Heidi will accompany you in each region with love and care, for as much or as little of the day or week you prefer – as your guide to engage your senses and as your travel companion.


  • Flight booking to the destination (see the map with the airports nearby), booking of Heidi*s recommended hotels, apartments, transfers may be done in these ways: directly or by the guest’s favourite travel agency or by the support of Heidi*s travel partner agency in Western Austria.


  • Heidi*s Travel Service is charged at a daily rate. In the daily rate included are the individual concept, planning of the arrival and transport way connections, organisation of activities, insider tips, Heidi’s Sensory Tours, as well as day to day services. Not included are travel costs, accommodation and restaurant costs, services of third parties, entrance fees etc. Feel free to ask for a quote for Heidi*s.




Airports close to the region of Vorarlberg

Zürich Airport, Munich Airport, St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (direct service from Vienna Airport), Friedrichshafen Airport (serving destinations from/to Germany), Memmingen Airport (services within Europe), Innsbruck Airport.
Modern trains connect Austrian, Swiss and German cities.

You are invited to have a look at the official tourist website of Vorarlberg and one of its regions, the Bregenzerwald: &



Jenna Davis, a travel blogger with Canadian roots, has written about Heidi*s country:
“Vorarlberg is that place you always dreamed of going to, the picturesque Sound of Music type of dream.”

Jenna, thank you for your wonderful words about Vorarlberg, I would love to introduce you into the services of Heidi*s whenever you are in my country again!
Read her blog “15 reasons Vorarlberg should be on your bucketlist” ›


Nicholas from Sydney has enjoyed Heidi*s Travel Service:

“I would highly recommend Heidi’s Travel Service for an unforgettable experience … Heidi’s love for the region is infectious.”


Bruce and Michele from NSW Australia have enjoyed Heidi*s personal travel service:
“The experience there was almost magical. Australians will discover another part of the world, totally different to what we are used to … We would not have enjoyed ourselves anywhere near the level had we not had Heidi with us.”



Our personal travel service starts here.
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