In today’s living and working environment lots of people have lost contact to their senses. However, our senses are essential. We need them to ignite a deeper feeling of happiness, connect with each other and discover a world full of richness and wonders.

Heidi*s Travel Service designs vacation itineraries enriched with experiences to awaken your senses. The custom-tailored experiences are created for couples as well as single persons.

Heidi*s service is offered in three regions of Europe: Lake Constance Bregenzerwald, Engadin St. Moritz and Tuscany. Our accommodation partners there are well reputed and familiar with Heidi, the founder of Heidi*s.


Lake Constance Bregenzerwald Region

Forest Bathing

Smell the freshness of the air in a forest. Listen to the different bird’s voices and the breeze rustling in the leaves of the trees.

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Sensual Cooking

Heidi*s awaken your senses cooking course is a special method of preparing, cooking food. It focuses on the process of cooking, on engaging the senses.

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Reinterpreted traditions

Inhabitants of the Bregenzerwald region in Western Austria honour the old traditions and interpret them newly. The consequence is a high-quality design rooted in this

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Private Observatory

Some experiences let us see things from a new perspective. An example for such a shifting experience is being guest at the private observatory of

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Winter Specials

Winter hiking in the glittering landscape, far away from the tourism industry, is a magical experience. You just have to comply the rules of “silent

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Summer Specials

A night under stars. Imagine absolute tranquillity. No cars, no human noise. Just calmness and the infinite starry sky. Make your way to the guided

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Customized modules

Heidi*s Service is tailor-made according to the couple’s or single person’s interests. Think of the experiences as modules – we put them together as soon

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Engadin St. Moritz Region

Engadin Talks

Interested in people’s living and working in the region of Engadin? Heidi*s designs units to get into contact and talk with people of this mountain

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Taste the Region

Train your sense of taste by an accompanied culinary walk in the villages of St. Moritz and Celerina. For example, visiting high quality confectioneries in

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Archaic Landscape

A powerful sense-awakening experience is heading to Engadin by driving up to Pass Julier in 2,284-meter. Take a stop and walk on the grassland between

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Tuscany Region


Engadin St. Moritz

The Engadin St. Moritz region in eastern Switzerland has a completely different landscape: high mountains, archaic nature, small mountain lakes and strongly fragrant forests. The

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Tuscany region is hilly with splendid, outreaching views. The warm climate helps to activate our senses as you can imagine. Smelling, hearing, touching in nature

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Owner-managed hotels

In all three regions Heidi*s cooperates with handpicked hosts, who are familiar with Heidi. In the region of Lake Constance – Western Austrian Alps the

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5-star Alpine Lodging

Heidi*s handpicked accommodations in the Engadin St. Moritz region are covering modern apartments, for example those of family Plattner, as well as family-led hotels like

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Vineyard Suites

I recommend two types of residence to dive deeply into Tuscan life: Apartments in the midst of a vineyard or owner led boutique hotels. Both

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Heidi*s Designer Service is curating tailor-made vacation experiences along the topic “Awaken your Senses” for couples, two or three friendly couples and single persons. Our customers keep the maximum flexibility by booking flight, recommended transfer and accommodations as well as Heidi*s Service directly (most preferred). If wished, booking can be

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I am Heidi. I live in Austria’s very west, neighbouring Switzerland, Germany and the principality of Liechtenstein. Since 2000 I have been working as a

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Service Design

Heidi*s designs tailor-made vacation experiences along the topic “Awaken your Senses” for a couple, two or three friendly couples and single persons. The service includes

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